For foreign players or teams whose aim is to reach their full rugby potential, the Académie Internationale de Rugby (A.I.R.) provides the opportunity to learn from the greatest French and foreign players and coaches.

It is a unique experience for our participants, dedicated to maximizing performance and preparing for the highest level. A.I.R. courses encourage and promote intensive player development in all areas of the game, on and off the field. Our mission is that participants leave the A.I.R. experience armed with rugby knowledge and skills that will have an immediate and lasting effect on their future performance. Our coaches, all state-qualified, are experts in different areas of the game.

Our speakers, all former top level or international players, accompany you during the camp for sessions focusing on your position. The inter-generational aspect is of paramount importance to us, each generation having a unique experience to bring to the participants, both culturally and athletically.

During your training camp you will work on both running technique and mental preparation with constant attention to detail. Repetition and improvement of technical skills as well as understanding systems and managing highs and lows will be a particular focus. All sessions are filmed with a personalized analysis of each session in which the players have participated. Injury prevention, posture work and recovery techniques will be addressed on a regular basis. Our aim is to put the participants into professional conditions as well as to support them in their quest for development.

A.I.R., or the unique high-level experience. SPARTE DEVELOPPEMENT - simplified joint stock company with capital of €1500 - Rue de la Carrière de Bachasson – Arteparc Bachasson – Bât. D – 13590 Meyreuil